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Local golf clubs:
1. Bergen Park Golf Course Bergen Park Golf Course2.3m
2. Brookhills Golf Club Brookhills Golf Club5.4m
3. Bunn Park Golf Course Bunn Park Golf Course0.9m
4. Country Hills Golf Course Country Hills Golf Course21.7m
5. Edgewood Golf Club Edgewood Golf Club16.2m
6. Illini Golf & Country Club Illini Golf & Country Club1.9m
7. Lake Shore Golf Course Lake Shore Golf Course28.7m
8. Lincoln Elks Golf Club Lincoln Elks Golf Club27.8m
9. Lincoln Greens Golf Course Lincoln Greens Golf Course4.3m
10. Long Bridge Golf Course Long Bridge Golf Course5.6m
11. Oak Crest Golf Course Oak Crest Golf Course5.7m
12. Oak Leaf Golf & Country Club Oak Leaf Golf & Country Club24.7m
13. Panther Creek Golf & Country Club Panther Creek Golf & Country Club4.9m
14. Pasfield Park Golf Course Pasfield Park Golf Course2.0m
15. Piper Glen Golf Club Piper Glen Golf Club6.4m
16. Rail Golf Club Rail Golf Club6.8m
17. Shambolee Golf Club Shambolee Golf Club18.1m
18. Taylorville Golf & Country Club Taylorville Golf & Country Club25.6m
19. Terry Park Golf Course Terry Park Golf Course29.0m
More local golf locations:
Decatur, IL Decatur, IL37.1m
Pekin, IL Pekin, IL54.3m
Bloomington, IL Bloomington, IL59.7m
Normal, IL Normal, IL61.4m
Peoria, IL Peoria, IL63.1m
Alton, IL Alton, IL67.9m
Edwardsville, IL Edwardsville, IL69.0m
Champaign, IL Champaign, IL78.0m
Saint Charles, MO Saint Charles, MO83.1m
Saint Louis, MO Saint Louis, MO84.2m
Saint Peters, MO Saint Peters, MO86.1m
O'Fallon, MO O'Fallon, MO87.5m
Belleville, IL Belleville, IL89.0m
Hannibal, MO Hannibal, MO90.9m
Quincy, IL Quincy, IL93.9m
Eureka, MO Eureka, MO102.7m
Waterloo, IL Waterloo, IL103.4m
Burlington, IA Burlington, IA104.9m
Danville, IL Danville, IL109.6m
Terre Haute, IN Terre Haute, IN121.0m
Where is Springfield, IL city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Springfield, IL city centre:
Springfield, IL 62702 on US Route 660.1m
Springfield - (SPI) Amtrak station1.4m
Prison: Springfield Work Camp2.0m
Greyhound: Springfield, IL2.3m
Join I-55 start on US Route 662.5m
Springfirld College - Benedictine University2.7m
Exit 96 I-55 Springfield, IL 627122.7m
Exit 92B I-55 Springfield, IL 627032.8m