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Local golf clubs:
1. Alondra Park Golf Course Alondra Park Golf Course3.2m
2. Brentwood Golf & Country Club Brentwood Golf & Country Club14.4m
3. Chester Washington Golf Course Chester Washington Golf Course6.3m
4. Dominguez Golf & Practice Center Dominguez Golf & Practice Center6.2m
5. Harbor Park Golf Course Harbor Park Golf Course7.8m
6. Hillcrest Golf & Country Club Hillcrest Golf & Country Club13.6m
7. Lakes El Segundo golf club Lakes El Segundo golf club4.0m
8. Los Verdes Golf Course Los Verdes Golf Course7.0m
9. Maggie Hathaway Par 3 Golf Course Maggie Hathaway Par 3 Golf Course7.7m
10. Marriott Golf Course Marriott Golf Course3.2m
11. New Horizons Golf Course New Horizons Golf Course3.6m
12. Palos Verdes Golf Club Palos Verdes Golf Club4.2m
13. Penmar Golf Course Penmar Golf Course11.3m
14. Rancho Park Golf Course Rancho Park Golf Course13.2m
15. Riviera Golf & Country Club Riviera Golf & Country Club15.0m
16. Rolling Hills Golf & Country Club Rolling Hills Golf & Country Club6.6m
17. Sea Aire Park Golf Course Sea Aire Park Golf Course2.6m
18. Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles8.9m
19. Victoria Golf Course Victoria Golf Course6.8m
20. Virginia Golf & Country Club Virginia Golf & Country Club11.1m
21. Westchester Golf Course Westchester Golf Course7.4m
22. Whitney Oaks Golf Club Whitney Oaks Golf Club6.1m
More local golf locations:
Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica, CA13.1m
Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA13.7m
Beverly Hills, CA Beverly Hills, CA15.4m
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA16.0m
Hollywood, CA Hollywood, CA17.3m
Glendale, CA Glendale, CA21.1m
Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA27.7m
San Fernando, CA San Fernando, CA29.9m
Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana, CA30.8m
Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach, CA31.0m
Thousand Oaks, CA Thousand Oaks, CA33.7m
Irvine, CA Irvine, CA36.1m
Simi Valley, CA Simi Valley, CA36.4m
Santa Clarita, CA Santa Clarita, CA38.2m
Mission Viejo, CA Mission Viejo, CA44.8m
Camarillo, CA Camarillo, CA44.8m
Corona, CA Corona, CA47.2m
Oxnard, CA Oxnard, CA51.0m
Palmdale, CA Palmdale, CA52.5m
San Clemente, CA San Clemente, CA53.6m
Where is Redondo Beach, CA city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Redondo Beach, CA city centre:
San Pedro (Los Angeles Metro station)3.0m
El Segundo - Bus Stop (ESG) Amtrak station3.5m
East L.A. Civic Center (Los Angeles Metro station)3.5m
El Camino College4.0m
Fillmore (Los Angeles Metro station)4.3m
Airport: Zamperini Field4.5m
Memorial Park (Los Angeles Metro station)4.8m
Aviation/LAX (Los Angeles Metro station)5.2m