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Local golf clubs:
1. Bridgeview Golf Course Bridgeview Golf Course11.5m
2. Brookside Golf & Country Club Brookside Golf & Country Club4.6m
3. Champions Golf Course Champions Golf Course10.4m
4. Delaware Golf Club Delaware Golf Club6.3m
5. Double Eagle Golf Club Double Eagle Golf Club8.9m
6. Dublin Golf Club Dublin Golf Club7.1m
7. Glenross Golf Club Glenross Golf Club6.2m
8. Heritage Golf Club Heritage Golf Club10.5m
9. Hidden Valley Golf Course Hidden Valley Golf Course10.0m
10. Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club2.4m
11. Lakes Golf & Country Club Lakes Golf & Country Club6.8m
12. Mill Creek Golf Club Mill Creek Golf Club9.7m
13. Minerva Lake Golf Course Minerva Lake Golf Course9.3m
14. Muirfield Village Golf & Country Club Muirfield Village Golf & Country Club4.4m
15. Muirfield Village Golf Club Muirfield Village Golf Club3.7m
16. Ohio State University Golf Course Ohio State University Golf Course8.7m
17. Raymond Memorial Golf Course Raymond Memorial Golf Course11.5m
18. Riviera Golf & Country Club Riviera Golf & Country Club4.8m
19. Safari Golf Club Safari Golf Club2.3m
20. Scioto Golf & Country Club Scioto Golf & Country Club10.7m
21. Shamrock golf club Shamrock golf club1.5m
22. Twin Oaks Golf Club Twin Oaks Golf Club4.9m
23. Wedgewood Golf & Country Club Wedgewood Golf & Country Club1.5m
24. Wilson Road Golf Course Wilson Road Golf Course11.5m
25. Worthington Hills Golf & Country Club Worthington Hills Golf & Country Club2.5m
26. York Temple Golf Club York Temple Golf Club4.0m
More local golf locations:
Dublin, OH Dublin, OH4.5m
Delaware, OH Delaware, OH9.7m
Galena, OH Galena, OH11.0m
Sunbury, OH Sunbury, OH12.8m
Columbus, OH Columbus, OH14.2m
New Albany, OH New Albany, OH15.0m
Marysville, OH Marysville, OH16.3m
Grove City, OH Grove City, OH19.1m
Johnstown, OH Johnstown, OH20.6m
Marion, OH Marion, OH29.9m
Mount Vernon, OH Mount Vernon, OH35.1m
Newark, OH Newark, OH36.3m
Lancaster, OH Lancaster, OH39.7m
Springfield, OH Springfield, OH42.0m
Mansfield, OH Mansfield, OH50.9m
Chillicothe, OH Chillicothe, OH57.2m
Zanesville, OH Zanesville, OH58.2m
Dayton, OH Dayton, OH65.2m
Lima, OH Lima, OH67.6m
Findlay, OH Findlay, OH68.3m
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Whats near Powell, OH city centre:
Airport: Ohio State University Airport5.4m
Otterbein College7.7m
Ohio Wesleyan University9.6m
Soccer: Ohio State Buckeyes10.4m
Baseball: Ohio State Buckeyes10.6m
Basketball: Ohio State Buckeyes10.7m
Football: Ohio State Buckeyes11.2m
Soccer: Columbus Crew11.2m