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Local golf clubs:
1. Ballard County Golf & Country Club Ballard County Golf & Country Club20.2m
2. Calvert City Golf & Country Club Calvert City Golf & Country Club15.5m
3. Dogwood Hills golf club Dogwood Hills golf club20.6m
4. Frances E. Miller Memorial Golf Course Frances E. Miller Memorial Golf Course38.2m
5. Gambit Golf Club Gambit Golf Club27.1m
6. Hardin County Golf Club Hardin County Golf Club37.0m
7. Kenlake State Golf Resort Park Kenlake State Golf Resort Park33.4m
8. Kentucky Dam Village State Golf Resort Kentucky Dam Village State Golf Resort18.0m
9. Kerry Landing Golf Course Kerry Landing Golf Course24.0m
10. Mayfield Golf & Country Club Mayfield Golf & Country Club23.5m
11. Metropolis Golf & Country Club Metropolis Golf & Country Club9.2m
12. Midtown Golf Course Midtown Golf Course0.4m
13. Murray Golf & Country Club Murray Golf & Country Club34.9m
14. Oak Hill Golf & Country Club Oak Hill Golf & Country Club35.2m
15. Oaks Golf & Country Club Oaks Golf & Country Club36.2m
16. Paducah Golf & Country Club Paducah Golf & Country Club5.9m
17. Paxton Park Golf Course Paxton Park Golf Course2.3m
18. Rolling Hills Golf & Country Club Rolling Hills Golf & Country Club4.2m
19. South Highland Golf & Country Club South Highland Golf & Country Club27.9m
20. Sullivans Par 3 golf course Sullivans Par 3 golf course34.4m
21. Westwood Golf & Country Club Westwood Golf & Country Club3.0m
More local golf locations:
Murray, KY Murray, KY36.3m
Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO52.8m
Madisonville, KY Madisonville, KY62.9m
Hopkinsville, KY Hopkinsville, KY63.2m
Henderson, KY Henderson, KY76.0m
Clarksville, TN Clarksville, TN78.6m
Evansville, IN Evansville, IN83.3m
Owensboro, KY Owensboro, KY94.5m
Jackson, TN Jackson, TN102.2m
Nashville, TN Nashville, TN119.0m
Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green, KY119.1m
Waterloo, IL Waterloo, IL121.1m
Brentwood, TN Brentwood, TN124.3m
Belleville, IL Belleville, IL124.7m
Franklin, TN Franklin, TN125.1m
Old Hickory, TN Old Hickory, TN126.1m
Jasper, IN Jasper, IN128.4m
Gallatin, TN Gallatin, TN128.5m
Saint Louis, MO Saint Louis, MO139.7m
Edwardsville, IL Edwardsville, IL140.3m
Where is Paducah, KY city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Paducah, KY city centre:
Greyhound: Paducah, KY0.4m
Exit 7 I-24 Paducah, KY 420033.5m
Exit 4 I-24 Paducah, KY 420014.5m
Exit 11 I-24 Paducah, KY 420034.8m
Exit 3 I-24 Paducah, KY 420015.0m
I-24 State Line IL-KY6.1m
Exit 37 I-24 Metropolis, IL 629607.1m
Exit 16 I-24 Paducah, KY 420038.0m