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Local golf clubs:
1. Battle Island State Park Golf Course Battle Island State Park Golf Course7.4m
2. Beaver Meadows Golf & Recreation Beaver Meadows Golf & Recreation15.4m
3. Cato Golf Club Cato Golf Club20.7m
4. Caughdenoy Creek Golf & Country Club Caughdenoy Creek Golf & Country Club18.9m
5. Elms Golf Club Elms Golf Club22.4m
6. Emerald Crest Golf Club Emerald Crest Golf Club13.0m
7. Evergreen Hills Golf Course Evergreen Hills Golf Course3.1m
8. Foxfire golf club at Village Green Foxfire golf club at Village Green24.0m
9. Greens At Beaumont Golf & Country Club Greens At Beaumont Golf & Country Club25.4m
10. Griffins Greens golf club Griffins Greens golf club5.7m
11. Ironwood Golf & Country Club Ironwood Golf & Country Club24.0m
12. Liverpool Golf & Country Club Liverpool Golf & Country Club27.8m
13. Oswego Golf & Country Club Oswego Golf & Country Club1.6m
14. Pine Grove Health & Golf & Country Club Pine Grove Health & Golf & Country Club30.9m
15. Pines Golf Club Pines Golf Club16.4m
16. Popes Grove Golf Course Popes Grove Golf Course29.4m
17. Port Bay Golf Club Port Bay Golf Club20.2m
18. Radisson Greens Golf Course Radisson Greens Golf Course20.6m
19. Riverside Golf & Country Club Riverside Golf & Country Club23.0m
20. Seneca Golf Club Seneca Golf Club25.3m
21. Springbrook Greens Golf Course Springbrook Greens Golf Course12.7m
22. Sunnycrest Golf Course Sunnycrest Golf Course33.8m
23. Tamarack golf club Tamarack golf club3.2m
More local golf locations:
Baldwinsville, NY Baldwinsville, NY22.4m
Camillus, NY Camillus, NY30.6m
Syracuse, NY Syracuse, NY33.6m
Auburn, NY Auburn, NY36.3m
Fayetteville, NY Fayetteville, NY38.9m
Watertown, NY Watertown, NY46.8m
Fairport, NY Fairport, NY52.9m
Penfield, NY Penfield, NY53.5m
Rome, NY Rome, NY55.6m
Victor, NY Victor, NY55.8m
Canandaigua, NY Canandaigua, NY56.1m
Rochester, NY Rochester, NY59.0m
Cortland, NY Cortland, NY61.3m
Clinton, NY Clinton, NY63.5m
Spencerport, NY Spencerport, NY67.6m
Utica, NY Utica, NY68.8m
Ithaca, NY Ithaca, NY69.9m
Elmira, NY Elmira, NY95.6m
Binghamton, NY Binghamton, NY98.4m
Akron, NY Akron, NY104.3m
Where is Oswego, NY city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Oswego, NY city centre:
State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY)1.7m
Airport: Oswego County Airport9.5m
Prison: Butler Correctional Facility19.7m
Syracuse - New York State Fair (NYF) Amtrak station30.0m
Airport: Syracuse Hancock International Airport30.7m
Baseball: Syracuse Chiefs31.3m
Syracuse - (SYR) Amtrak station31.4m
Greyhound: Syracuse, NY31.4m