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Local golf clubs:
1. Arrowhead Golf Club Arrowhead Golf Club36.7m
2. Ben Hawes State Park golf club Ben Hawes State Park golf club36.5m
3. Boots Randolph Golf Course Boots Randolph Golf Course41.4m
4. Breckenridge Golf & Country Club Breckenridge Golf & Country Club32.4m
5. Central City Golf & Country Club Central City Golf & Country Club19.4m
6. Dunmor Lakeside Golf Course Dunmor Lakeside Golf Course31.6m
7. Elkwood Golf Course Elkwood Golf Course29.8m
8. Greenville Golf & Country Club Greenville Golf & Country Club21.0m
9. Hillcrest Municipal Golf Course Hillcrest Municipal Golf Course36.1m
10. Hopkinsville Golf & Country Club Hopkinsville Golf & Country Club33.6m
11. Lake Shore Golf & Country Club Lake Shore Golf & Country Club2.8m
12. Madisonville City Park Golf Course Madisonville City Park Golf Course1.4m
13. Madisonville Golf & Country Club Madisonville Golf & Country Club2.4m
14. Owensboro Golf & Country Club Owensboro Golf & Country Club35.5m
15. Panther Creek Golf Club Panther Creek Golf Club26.5m
16. Pennyrile Forest State Park Golf Resort Pennyrile Forest State Park Golf Resort19.2m
17. Princeton Golf & Country Club Princeton Golf & Country Club27.6m
18. Providence Golf & Country Club Providence Golf & Country Club14.1m
19. Rough Creek Golf Course Rough Creek Golf Course23.5m
20. Twin Oak Golf Course Twin Oak Golf Course18.6m
21. Western Hills Golf Course Western Hills Golf Course32.1m
22. Wildwood Golf Course Wildwood Golf Course17.2m
23. Windridge Golf & Country Club Windridge Golf & Country Club37.7m
More local golf locations:
Hopkinsville, KY Hopkinsville, KY32.0m
Henderson, KY Henderson, KY35.5m
Owensboro, KY Owensboro, KY37.3m
Evansville, IN Evansville, IN44.6m
Clarksville, TN Clarksville, TN55.7m
Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green, KY62.6m
Paducah, KY Paducah, KY62.9m
Murray, KY Murray, KY67.0m
Jasper, IN Jasper, IN79.7m
Park City, KY Park City, KY81.6m
Gallatin, TN Gallatin, TN87.2m
Nashville, TN Nashville, TN89.5m
Old Hickory, TN Old Hickory, TN90.9m
Radcliff, KY Radcliff, KY91.9m
Elizabethtown, KY Elizabethtown, KY93.2m
Brentwood, TN Brentwood, TN97.9m
Franklin, TN Franklin, TN103.0m
Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO111.0m
Louisville, KY Louisville, KY114.5m
Bardstown, KY Bardstown, KY116.1m
Where is Madisonville, KY city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Madisonville, KY city centre:
Greyhound: Madisonville, KY3.7m
Prison: Green River Correctional Complex21.2m
Greyhound: Sturgis, KY30.6m
Greyhound: Marion, KY31.8m
Exit 56 I-24 Princeton, KY 4244532.4m
Prison: Western Kentucky Correctional Complex32.6m
Airport: Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport32.6m
Exit 65 I-24 Cadiz, KY 4221133.5m