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Local golf clubs:
1. Alhambra Municipal Golf Course Alhambra Municipal Golf Course7.7m
2. Altadena Golf Course Altadena Golf Course11.5m
3. Annandale Golf Course Annandale Golf Course7.5m
4. Arroyo Seco Golf Course Arroyo Seco Golf Course6.0m
5. Brookside Golf Club Brookside Golf Club9.0m
6. Chester Washington Golf Course Chester Washington Golf Course10.0m
7. Chevy Chase Golf & Country Club Chevy Chase Golf & Country Club8.6m
8. Ford Park Golf Course Ford Park Golf Course8.4m
9. Griffith Park Golf Courses Griffith Park Golf Courses6.5m
10. Lakeside Golf Club Lakeside Golf Club8.6m
11. Los Amigos Golf & Country Club Los Amigos Golf & Country Club9.2m
12. Los Feliz Golf Course Los Feliz Golf Course5.1m
13. Maggie Hathaway Par 3 Golf Course Maggie Hathaway Par 3 Golf Course8.3m
14. Montebello Golf & Country Club Montebello Golf & Country Club6.6m
15. Monterey Park Golf Course Monterey Park Golf Course4.6m
16. Oakmont Golf & Country Club Oakmont Golf & Country Club10.0m
17. Rio Hondo Golf Club Rio Hondo Golf Club8.7m
18. Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course5.3m
19. San Gabriel Golf & Country Club San Gabriel Golf & Country Club9.2m
20. Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club8.1m
21. South Gate Municipal Golf Course South Gate Municipal Golf Course8.2m
22. Wilshire Golf & Country Club Wilshire Golf & Country Club5.3m
More local golf locations:
Hollywood, CA Hollywood, CA5.7m
Glendale, CA Glendale, CA6.0m
Beverly Hills, CA Beverly Hills, CA9.1m
Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica, CA14.3m
Redondo Beach, CA Redondo Beach, CA16.0m
Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA17.8m
San Fernando, CA San Fernando, CA19.6m
Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA24.3m
Santa Clarita, CA Santa Clarita, CA29.0m
Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana, CA30.2m
Simi Valley, CA Simi Valley, CA34.2m
Thousand Oaks, CA Thousand Oaks, CA35.0m
Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach, CA35.0m
Irvine, CA Irvine, CA36.2m
Palmdale, CA Palmdale, CA37.1m
Corona, CA Corona, CA40.7m
Lancaster, CA Lancaster, CA44.1m
Mission Viejo, CA Mission Viejo, CA45.3m
Camarillo, CA Camarillo, CA46.8m
Riverside, CA Riverside, CA49.0m
Where is Los Angeles, CA city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Los Angeles, CA city centre:
1st Street & Main Street0.1m
1st Street & Spring Street0.1m
1st Street & Los Angeles Street0.1m
2nd Street & Main Street0.1m
2nd Street & Spring Street0.1m
1st Street & Broadway0.1m
2nd Street & Los Angeles Street0.1m
2nd Street & Broadway0.2m