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Local golf clubs:
1. Apple Valley Golf & Country Club Apple Valley Golf & Country Club8.0m
2. Arrowhead Golf & Country Club Arrowhead Golf & Country Club19.3m
3. Ashwood Golf Course Ashwood Golf Course4.2m
4. El Rancho Verde Golf & Country Club El Rancho Verde Golf & Country Club19.7m
5. El Rivino Golf & Country Club El Rivino Golf & Country Club27.5m
6. Empire Lakes Golf Course Empire Lakes Golf Course28.0m
7. Green Tree Golf Course Green Tree Golf Course5.6m
8. Hesperia Golf & Country Club Hesperia Golf & Country Club2.2m
9. Lake Arrowhead Golf & Country Club Lake Arrowhead Golf & Country Club12.8m
10. Oak Quarry Golf Course Oak Quarry Golf Course28.5m
11. Red Hill Golf & Country Club Red Hill Golf & Country Club28.6m
12. Sam Snead Golf Club Sam Snead Golf Club24.6m
13. San Bernardino Golf Club San Bernardino Golf Club24.3m
14. Shandin Hills Golf Club Shandin Hills Golf Club18.8m
15. Sierra Lakes Golf Course Sierra Lakes Golf Course21.0m
16. Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club22.8m
17. Spring Valley Lake Golf & Country Club Spring Valley Lake Golf & Country Club4.9m
18. Upland Hills Golf & Country Club Upland Hills Golf & Country Club28.2m
19. Westwinds Golf Course Westwinds Golf Course11.0m
20. Yucaipa Valley Golf Course Yucaipa Valley Golf Course30.0m
More local golf locations:
Victorville, CA Victorville, CA7.6m
Apple Valley, CA Apple Valley, CA8.3m
San Bernardino, CA San Bernardino, CA22.0m
Riverside, CA Riverside, CA33.1m
Corona, CA Corona, CA41.0m
Palmdale, CA Palmdale, CA47.6m
Hemet, CA Hemet, CA50.5m
Lancaster, CA Lancaster, CA51.8m
Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA53.4m
Desert Hot Springs, CA Desert Hot Springs, CA55.9m
Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana, CA57.1m
Glendale, CA Glendale, CA58.0m
Irvine, CA Irvine, CA58.6m
Palm Springs, CA Palm Springs, CA59.7m
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA59.7m
Murrieta, CA Murrieta, CA60.5m
Mission Viejo, CA Mission Viejo, CA60.9m
Hollywood, CA Hollywood, CA62.7m
Temecula, CA Temecula, CA65.0m
Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA65.2m
Where is Hesperia, CA city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Hesperia, CA city centre:
Victor Valley College3.9m
Exit 147 I-15 Hesperia, CA 923454.0m
Exit 148 I-15 Victorville, CA 923924.5m
Exit 143 I-15 Hesperia, CA 923454.5m
Exit 141 I-15 Hesperia, CA 923445.7m
Exit 150 I-15 Victorville, CA 923925.8m
Join I-40 exit 150 on US Route 665.8m
Exit 151A I-15 Victorville, CA 923956.6m