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Local golf clubs:
1. Beaver Meadow Golf Club Beaver Meadow Golf Club3.8m
2. Candia Woods Golf Links Candia Woods Golf Links15.8m
3. Concord Golf & Country Club Concord Golf & Country Club3.4m
4. Countryside Golf Club Countryside Golf Club10.4m
5. Den Brae Golf Club Den Brae Golf Club20.7m
6. Derryfield Golf & Country Club Derryfield Golf & Country Club15.7m
7. Duston Golf & Country Club Duston Golf & Country Club10.4m
8. Intervale Golf & Country Club Intervale Golf & Country Club12.6m
9. Lakeview Golf Club Lakeview Golf Club20.8m
10. Lochmere Golf & Country Club Lochmere Golf & Country Club18.0m
11. Loudon Golf & Country Club Loudon Golf & Country Club9.1m
12. Manchester Golf & Country Club Manchester Golf & Country Club18.3m
13. Mojalaki Golf Club Mojalaki Golf Club16.5m
14. Plausawa Valley Golf & Country Club Plausawa Valley Golf & Country Club4.2m
15. Stonebridge Golf & Country Club Stonebridge Golf & Country Club12.6m
More local golf locations:
Manchester, NH Manchester, NH15.3m
Amherst, NH Amherst, NH24.4m
Derry, NH Derry, NH25.0m
Rochester, NH Rochester, NH29.1m
Nashua, NH Nashua, NH30.8m
Dover, NH Dover, NH33.5m
Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth, NH40.2m
Lowell, MA Lowell, MA41.3m
Andover, MA Andover, MA43.1m
Fitchburg, MA Fitchburg, MA45.2m
Leominster, MA Leominster, MA48.5m
Ipswich, MA Ipswich, MA50.8m
Stow, MA Stow, MA53.3m
Stoneham, MA Stoneham, MA55.0m
Weston, MA Weston, MA59.3m
Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA61.7m
Boston, MA Boston, MA63.5m
Scarborough, ME Scarborough, ME66.2m
Worcester, MA Worcester, MA66.7m
Westbrook, ME Westbrook, ME66.9m
Where is Concord, NH city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Concord, NH city centre:
Greyhound: Concord, NH0.3m
Concord - (CNH) Amtrak station0.4m
New Hampshire Technical Institute1.1m
Prison: New Hampshire State Prison for Men1.7m
Airport: Concord Municipal Airport1.8m
Hesser College Concord1.9m
Prison: Shea Farm Transitional Housing Unit2.1m
Motor racing: New Hampshire Motor Speedway11.3m