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Local golf clubs:
1. Ballinger Lakes Golf Course Ballinger Lakes Golf Course13.8m
2. Bear Creek Golf & Country Club Bear Creek Golf & Country Club10.1m
3. Bellevue Municipal Golf Course Bellevue Municipal Golf Course3.9m
4. Broadmoor Golf Club Broadmoor Golf Club4.7m
5. Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course3.7m
6. Fairwood Golf & Country Club Fairwood Golf & Country Club11.3m
7. Foster Golf Links Foster Golf Links9.4m
8. Glen Acres Golf & Country Club Glen Acres Golf & Country Club9.2m
9. Glendale Golf & Country Club Glendale Golf & Country Club1.8m
10. Greenlake Golf Course Greenlake Golf Course7.8m
11. Inglewood Golf & Country Club Inglewood Golf & Country Club9.7m
12. Interbay Family Golf Center Interbay Family Golf Center8.7m
13. Jackson Park Golf Course Jackson Park Golf Course9.9m
14. Jefferson Park Golf Club Jefferson Park Golf Club5.6m
15. Maplewood Golf Course Maplewood Golf Course9.8m
16. Newcastle Golf Club Newcastle Golf Club5.8m
17. Nile Shrine Golf Course Nile Shrine Golf Course13.1m
18. Overlake Golf & Country Club Overlake Golf & Country Club1.8m
19. Rainier Golf & Country Club Rainier Golf & Country Club8.8m
20. Sahalee Golf & Country Club Sahalee Golf & Country Club7.1m
21. Sand Point Golf & Country Club Sand Point Golf & Country Club6.2m
22. Seattle Golf Club Seattle Golf Club11.3m
23. Tam OShanter Golf & Country Club Tam OShanter Golf & Country Club4.9m
24. Trilogy Golf Club Trilogy Golf Club10.4m
25. Tyee Valley Golf Club Tyee Valley Golf Club13.4m
26. Wayne Public Golf Course Wayne Public Golf Course9.7m
27. Wellington Hills Golf Course Wellington Hills Golf Course11.9m
28. West Seattle Golf Course West Seattle Golf Course8.7m
29. Willows Run Golf Club Willows Run Golf Club6.0m
More local golf locations:
Redmond, WA Redmond, WA5.7m
Redmond, OR Redmond, OR5.7m
Seattle, WA Seattle, WA6.1m
Fall City, WA Fall City, WA14.8m
Maple Valley, WA Maple Valley, WA18.4m
Port Orchard, WA Port Orchard, WA20.9m
Auburn, WA Auburn, WA21.0m
Bremerton, WA Bremerton, WA21.2m
Snohomish, WA Snohomish, WA21.4m
Everett, WA Everett, WA25.5m
Gig Harbor, WA Gig Harbor, WA26.3m
Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA27.2m
Marysville, WA Marysville, WA30.5m
Lacey, WA Lacey, WA49.3m
Olympia, WA Olympia, WA51.4m
Sequim, WA Sequim, WA52.9m
Mount Vernon, WA Mount Vernon, WA56.4m
Bellingham, WA Bellingham, WA80.5m
Wenatchee, WA Wenatchee, WA89.2m
Blaine, WA Blaine, WA98.8m
Where is Bellevue, WA city centre and a map showing its local golf courses

Whats near Bellevue, WA city centre:
Baseball: Seattle Redhawks2.0m
Bellevue College3.0m
Northwest University (Washington)3.3m
Seattle Community College4.8m
Soccer: Seattle Redhawks5.3m
Football: Washington Huskies5.5m
Baseball: Washington Huskies5.5m
Seattle University5.5m