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Local golf clubs:
1. Blarney Golf Club Blarney Golf Club16.8m
2. Cork Golf Club Cork Golf Club7.6m
3. Douglas Golf Club Douglas Golf Club10.8m
4. East Cork Golf Club East Cork Golf Club0.6m
5. Fermoy Golf Club Fermoy Golf Club14.9m
6. Fernhill Golf Club Fernhill Golf Club11.5m
7. Fota Island Golf Club Fota Island Golf Club3.6m
8. Frankfield Golf Club Frankfield Golf Club11.5m
9. Harbour Point Golf Club Harbour Point Golf Club7.6m
10. Kinsale Farrangalway Golf Club Kinsale Farrangalway Golf Club19.7m
11. Kinsale Ringenane Golf Club Kinsale Ringenane Golf Club17.6m
12. Lismore Golf Club Lismore Golf Club19.0m
13. Mahon Golf Club Mahon Golf Club9.8m
14. Mitchelstown Golf Club Mitchelstown Golf Club25.0m
15. Monkstown Golf Club Monkstown Golf Club7.9m
16. Muskerry Golf Club Muskerry Golf Club16.1m
17. Old Head of Kinsale Golf Club Old Head of Kinsale Golf Club20.4m
18. Raffeen Creek Golf Club Raffeen Creek Golf Club8.4m
19. Water Rock Golf Club Water Rock Golf Club0.5m
20. Youghal Golf Club Youghal Golf Club14.2m
More local golf locations:
Cobh, County Cork Cobh, County Cork6.6m
Passage West, County Cork Passage West, County Cork7.3m
Carrigaline, County Cork Carrigaline, County Cork11.4m
Cork, County Cork Cork, County Cork12.6m
Youghal, County Cork Youghal, County Cork14.3m
Fermoy, County Cork Fermoy, County Cork16.7m
Kinsale, County Cork Kinsale, County Cork20.6m
Mitchelstown, County Cork Mitchelstown, County Cork25.0m
Mallow, County Cork Mallow, County Cork25.1m
Dungarvan, County Waterford Dungarvan, County Waterford25.8m
Bandon, County Cork Bandon, County Cork26.5m
Macroom, County Cork Macroom, County Cork33.4m
Cahir, County Tipperary Cahir, County Tipperary34.7m
Clonakilty, County Cork Clonakilty, County Cork36.3m
Clonmel, County Tipperary & Waterford Clonmel, County Tipperary & Waterford36.5m
Tipperary, County Tipperary Tipperary, County Tipperary39.1m
Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary & Waterford Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary & Waterford44.3m
Tramore, County Waterford Tramore, County Waterford47.0m
Waterford, County Waterford & Kilkenny Waterford, County Waterford & Kilkenny50.5m
Newcastle West, County Limerick Newcastle West, County Limerick52.9m

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