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A. J. Jolly Golf Course, Alexandria A. J. Jolly Golf Course
American Legion Park Par 3 Golf Course, Elizabethtown American Legion Park Par 3 Golf Course
Anderson Golf Course, Fort Knox Anderson Golf Course
Andover Golf & Country Club, Lexington Andover Golf & Country Club
Arlington Golf Center, Richmond Arlington Golf Center
Arrowhead Golf Club, Cadiz Arrowhead Golf Club
Audubon Golf & Country Club, Louisville Audubon Golf & Country Club
Avon Golf Course, Lexington Avon Golf Course

Ballard County Golf & Country Club, La Center Ballard County Golf & Country Club
Bardstown Golf & Country Club, Bardstown Bardstown Golf & Country Club
Bardstown Golf Center, Bardstown Bardstown Golf Center
Barren River Lake State Golf Resort, Lucas Barren River Lake State Golf Resort
Bays Fork golf club, Alvaton Bays Fork golf club
Beattyville Golf & Country Club, Beattyville Beattyville Golf & Country Club
Beaver Valley Golf Course, Allen Beaver Valley Golf Course
Beechfork Golf Club, Clay City Beechfork Golf Club
Bellarmine College Golf Course, Louisville Bellarmine College Golf Course
Bellefonte Golf & Country Club, Ashland Bellefonte Golf & Country Club
Ben Hawes State Park golf club, Owensboro Ben Hawes State Park golf club
Berea Golf & Country Club, Berea Berea Golf & Country Club
Best Western Park Mammoth Golf Resort, Park City Best Western Park Mammoth Golf Resort
Big Hickory Golf & Country Club, Manchester Big Hickory Golf & Country Club
Big Spring Golf & Country Club, Louisville Big Spring Golf & Country Club
Bobby Nichols Golf Course, Louisville Bobby Nichols Golf Course
Bob-O-Link Golf Club, Lawrenceburg Bob-O-Link Golf Club
Boone Links Golf Course, Florence Boone Links Golf Course
Boones Trace golf club, Richmond Boones Trace golf club
Boots Randolph Golf Course, Cadiz Boots Randolph Golf Course
Bowling Green Golf & Country Club, Bowling Green Bowling Green Golf & Country Club
Breckenridge County Community Center, Hardinsburg Breckenridge County Community Center
Breckenridge Golf & Country Club, Morganfield Breckenridge Golf & Country Club
Bright Leaf Golf Resort, Harrodsburg Bright Leaf Golf Resort

Cabin Brook Golf Course, Versailles Cabin Brook Golf Course
Calvert City Golf & Country Club, Calvert City Calvert City Golf & Country Club
Campbellsville Golf & Country Club, Campbellsville Campbellsville Golf & Country Club
Canewood Golf Course, Georgetown Canewood Golf Course
Cardinal Hills Golf Course, Bedford Cardinal Hills Golf Course
Carnico Golf Club, Carlisle Carnico Golf Club
Carter Caves State Golf Resort, Olive Hill Carter Caves State Golf Resort
Cassell Creek Golf Course, Winchester Cassell Creek Golf Course
Cave Valley golf club, Park City Cave Valley golf club
Caveland Golf & Country Club, Horse Cave Caveland Golf & Country Club
Caveland Par 3 golf course, Cave City Caveland Par 3 golf course
Cedar Rapids Golf & Country Club, Mount Vernon Cedar Rapids Golf & Country Club
Cedar-Fil Golf Course, Bardstown Cedar-Fil Golf Course
Central City Golf & Country Club, Central City Central City Golf & Country Club
Champions Trace Golf Club, Nicholasville Champions Trace Golf Club
Charlie Vettiner Golf Course, Jeffersontown Charlie Vettiner Golf Course
Cherokee Golf Course, Louisville Cherokee Golf Course
Cherry Blossom Golf Club, Georgetown Cherry Blossom Golf Club
Cherry Grove Golf Course, Trenton Cherry Grove Golf Course
City of Florence Golf Course, Florence City of Florence Golf Course
Clear Creek Golf Course, Shelbyville Clear Creek Golf Course
Coal Ridge Golf Course, Georgetown Coal Ridge Golf Course
Connemara Golf Links, Nicholasville Connemara Golf Links
Crescent Hill Golf Course, Louisville Crescent Hill Golf Course
Crooked Creek Golf Club, London Crooked Creek Golf Club
Cross Winds Golf Course, Bowling Green Cross Winds Golf Course
Crossings Golf Club, Brooks Crossings Golf Club
Cynthiana Golf & Country Club, Cynthiana Cynthiana Golf & Country Club

Dale Hollow lake State Golf Resort, Burkesville Dale Hollow lake State Golf Resort
Danville Golf & Country Club, Danville Danville Golf & Country Club
Devou Park Golf &Tennis, Covington Devou Park Golf &Tennis
Diamond Caverns Golf Resort, Park City Diamond Caverns Golf Resort
Diamond Links Golf Club, Catlettsburg Diamond Links Golf Club
Dix River Golf & Country Club, Stanford Dix River Golf & Country Club
Doe Valley Golf Club, Brandenburg Doe Valley Golf Club
Dogwood Hills golf club, Cunningham Dogwood Hills golf club
Duckers Lake Golf Course, Midway Duckers Lake Golf Course
Dunmor Lakeside Golf Course, Dunmor Dunmor Lakeside Golf Course

Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club, Crittenden Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club
Eagle Creek golf club, La Grange Eagle Creek golf club
Eagle Trace Golf Course, Morehead Eagle Trace Golf Course
Eagles Nest Golf & Country Club, Somerset Eagles Nest Golf & Country Club
Elizabethtown Golf & Country Club, Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Golf & Country Club
Elk Fork Golf & Country Club, Elkton Elk Fork Golf & Country Club
Elkwood Golf Course, Sturgis Elkwood Golf Course
Estill County Golf Club, Irvine Estill County Golf Club

Fairway Golf Course, Wheatley Fairway Golf Course
Flag Springs Golf Course, California Flag Springs Golf Course
Fleming County Golf Association, Flemingsburg Fleming County Golf Association
Fort Mitchell Golf & Country Club, Fort Mitchell Fort Mitchell Golf & Country Club
Fox Hollow Golf Club, Glasgow Fox Hollow Golf Club
Frances E. Miller Memorial Golf Course, Murray Frances E. Miller Memorial Golf Course
Frankfort Golf & Country Club, Frankfort Frankfort Golf & Country Club
Franklin Golf & Country Club, Franklin Franklin Golf & Country Club

Gay Brewer Jr. Golf Course, Lexington Gay Brewer Jr. Golf Course
General Burnside State Park golf club, Burnside General Burnside State Park golf club
General Butler State Golf Resort, Carrollton General Butler State Golf Resort
Gibson Bay Golf Course, Richmond Gibson Bay Golf Course
Glasgow Golf & Country Club, Glasgow Glasgow Golf & Country Club
Glen Oaks Golf & Country Club, Prospect Glen Oaks Golf & Country Club
Glenmary Golf & Recreation Club, Louisville Glenmary Golf & Recreation Club
Green County Golf Association, Greensburg Green County Golf Association
Green Meadow Golf & Country Club, Pikeville Green Meadow Golf & Country Club
Greenbrier Golf & Country Club, Lexington Greenbrier Golf & Country Club
Greenville Golf & Country Club, Greenville Greenville Golf & Country Club
Griffin Gate Marriotts Golf Club, Lexington Griffin Gate Marriotts Golf Club

Harlan Golf & Country Club, Harlan Harlan Golf & Country Club
Harmony Landing Golf & Country Club, Goshen Harmony Landing Golf & Country Club
Hazard Golf & Country Club, Hazard Hazard Golf & Country Club
Henderson Golf & Country Club, Henderson Henderson Golf & Country Club
Henderson Municipal Golf Course, Henderson Henderson Municipal Golf Course
Henry County Golf & Country Club, New Castle Henry County Golf & Country Club
Hickman Golf & Country Club, Hickman Hickman Golf & Country Club
Hickory Hills Golf & Country Club, Liberty Hickory Hills Golf & Country Club
Hickory Sticks Golf Club, California Hickory Sticks Golf Club
Hidden Hills Golf & Country Club, Tompkinsville Hidden Hills Golf & Country Club
Hidden Valley Golf Course, Morgantown Hidden Valley Golf Course
High Point Golf Club, Nicholasville High Point Golf Club
Highland Golf & Country Club, Fort Thomas Highland Golf & Country Club
Hillcrest Golf & Country Club, Brandenburg Hillcrest Golf & Country Club
Hillcrest Municipal Golf Course, Owensboro Hillcrest Municipal Golf Course
Hopkinsville Golf & Country Club, Hopkinsville Hopkinsville Golf & Country Club
Houston Oaks Golf Course, Paris Houston Oaks Golf Course
Hunting Creek Golf & Country Club, Prospect Hunting Creek Golf & Country Club
Hurstbourne Golf & Country Club, Louisville Hurstbourne Golf & Country Club

Idle Hour Golf & Country Club, Lexington Idle Hour Golf & Country Club
Indian Hills Golf & Country Club, Bowling Green Indian Hills Golf & Country Club
Indian Springs Golf & Country Club, Barbourville Indian Springs Golf & Country Club
Indian Springs Golf Club, Louisville Indian Springs Golf Club
Iroquois Golf Course, Louisville Iroquois Golf Course

Jenny Wiley State Golf Resort Park, Prestonsburg Jenny Wiley State Golf Resort Park
John J. Audubon State Park Golf Course, Henderson John J. Audubon State Park Golf Course
Juniper Hills Golf Course, Frankfort Juniper Hills Golf Course

Kearney Hills Golf Links, Lexington Kearney Hills Golf Links
Kenlake State Golf Resort Park, Hardin Kenlake State Golf Resort Park
Kenny Perrys Country Creek Golf Course, Franklin Kenny Perrys Country Creek Golf Course
Kenton County Golf Courses, Independence Kenton County Golf Courses
Kenton Station Golf Course, Maysville Kenton Station Golf Course
Kentucky Dam Village State Golf Resort, Gilbertsville Kentucky Dam Village State Golf Resort
Kentucky Hills Golf Course, Summer Shade Kentucky Hills Golf Course
Kerry Landing Golf Course, Benton Kerry Landing Golf Course
Knob View Golf Course, Lebanon Junction Knob View Golf Course

La Rue County Golf & Country Club, Hodgenville La Rue County Golf & Country Club
Lafayette Golf course, Falls Of Rough Lafayette Golf course
Lake Cumberland State Golf Resort, Jamestown Lake Cumberland State Golf Resort
Lake Forest Golf & Country Club, Louisville Lake Forest Golf & Country Club
Lake Shore Golf & Country Club, Madisonville Lake Shore Golf & Country Club
Lakes Golf Club, Maloneton Lakes Golf Club
Lakeside Municipal Golf Course, Lexington Lakeside Municipal Golf Course
Lakeview Springs Golf Complex, Frankfort Lakeview Springs Golf Complex
Lakewood Golf & Country Club, Russell Springs Lakewood Golf & Country Club
Lassing Pointe Golf Course, Union Lassing Pointe Golf Course
Laurel Oaks Golf Club, Maysville Laurel Oaks Golf Club
Lebanon Golf & Country Club, Lebanon Lebanon Golf & Country Club
Legacy Golf Club, Leitchfield Legacy Golf Club
Lexington Golf & Country Club, Lexington Lexington Golf & Country Club
Lilly Creek Golf Resort, Jamestown Lilly Creek Golf Resort
Lincoln Homestead State Park golf club, Springfield Lincoln Homestead State Park golf club
Lincoln Trail Golf & Country Club, Vine Grove Lincoln Trail Golf & Country Club
London Golf & Country Club, London London Golf & Country Club
Lone Oak Golf & Country Club, Nicholasville Lone Oak Golf & Country Club
Long Run golf course, Louisville Long Run golf course
Long Run Golf Course, Eastwood Long Run Golf Course
Longview Golf Course, Georgetown Longview Golf Course
Lost River Golf Club, Bowling Green Lost River Golf Club
Louisville Golf & Country Club, Louisville Louisville Golf & Country Club
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